Our purpose is to reinstate the original goals set forth by the PRS. Please join us by becoming active in carrying on this great tradition.


“The Original Aims and Purposes”

To discover additional knowledge by intensively investigating the essential teachings of the world’s greatest scientific, spiritual and cultural leaders, and by further clarifying man’s heritage of wisdom.

To apply this heritage to the present needs of mankind by means of modern skills and the cooperation of outstanding experts.

To make available these vital concepts to persons in every walk of life, by lectures, publications and other media.

To create an increasing awareness in the public mind of these ideas and ideals of solving the personal and collective problems of modern man.


Since the passing of Manly P. Hall in 1991 the PRS has:

  • Attempted sale of the property, which would allow the library to be transferred to an unspecified locale
  • Discontinued Sunday morning lectures have resumed, but there are no classes on Manly Hall’s works. The lectures are poorly advertised and attended.  (The Friends of the PRS are offering classes on Manly Halls works. Contact: friendsofprs@.com for location and times. See the link below.)
  • Discontinued weekday and weekend classes
  • Limited public access to the library and bookstore
  • Reduced bookstore inventory and stock
  • Reduced board size from twelve to three members (two of whom do not maintain residences in Los Angeles)
  • Established a university, that does not include Manly Hall in the curriculum, by utilizing the assets of the PRS. Although we support the establishment of the university, it cannot be at the expense of the original intent and purpose of the PRS.


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Please use this new email address:  friendsofprs@gmail.com

(We are phasing out this email account: friendsofprs@yahoo.com

Friends of PRS Needs Your Financial Support:
We have a need for financial donations of all sizes.  Thank you for your help. 

Checks should be made out to: Friends of PRS  and sent to:

Friends of PRS
8209 Foothill Blvd #148
Sunland, CA  91040

Location of Meetings and Lectures:

White Lotus Bookstore     Phone: 
1924 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Get directions
(In the Los Feliz area. It is below Los Feliz Blvd. and above Franklin Ave.)

New!  Conference Call Meetings and Lectures.  

Schedule:  The last Monday of each month, 7 pm to 8 pm
Contact Chloe, your host, to be included in the calling list.  friendsofprs@gmail.com


Stay updated – join the effort by visiting www.friendsofprswordpress.com at least monthly.